What is a Market Research Group and how can I Participate?

Market Research events are activity conducted by product manufacturers and service-providers that enables them to gain insight into the way consumers view their products and services. These providers are constantly seeking consumers input on how to best promote and improve their product and/or service and it is YOUR opinion as a consumer that helps guide there decision making.

A group of people that fit a certain demographic are chosen to participate in a monitored discussion that lasts about an hour on average. At the end of the discussion participants are compensated in cash for their efforts in attending.

Cash incentive for your efforts in offering your Opinions! People needed Australia-wide

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Is there a Catch? Will it cost me Anything to Register?

Not at all. Mary Sweeney Market Research is paid by the product manufacturer to find suitable people to attend these discussions. There are no absolutely no costs to you as a participant. Please GO TO the 'CONTACT US' page on this site and fill in as many fields as you can so we can identify you when an event MATCHING your details comes up!! Be sure to enter details of children gender and age as parents as well as kids themselves are often sort to attend events.